Hurricane Series

Recently, we partnered with ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition in a community effort to rebuild a fire station. Enviro-Net was installed in the Sabine Pass Firehouse #4, as featured in ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition. The firemen and policemen will have quicker access internet information on weather, logistics, and networked data records. On the human side, they will have the flexibility of using personal computing, wirelessly, anywhere inside the building without interference from their new triple re-enforced concrete deck.

The fire station lost all of it’s computers during Hurricane Rita. The firemen requested new systems, but normal retail sponsorship was unable to provide these goods. G & A Partners, an independent allied firm, stepped up and provided two desk top and three lap top computers. Enviro-San then worked closely to coordinate the G & A-IT professionals and AT & T to establish the Wireless LAN environment.

John Hagan
AT & T

“…the ceilings are BEAUTIFUL ! ”
Tom Hunter
SHWGroup Architects

We worked with the architect to provide a 2 x 2, reveal edge, and smoother surface finish Enviro-Net tile for function and beauty.

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When reached after installation, Shane Droddy, an on duty officer at the firehouse, reported “awesome connection speeds.” He further commented
that he was amazed at the total coverage in the building, and explained that he was knowledgeable about wi-fi because he managed a small local
computer repair and networking business.

Shane Droddy, Fireman
Port Arthur #4, Sabine Pass