Ultra-San Ceiling Tile

The solution
THE FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) GASKETED CEILING TILE

UItra-San™ has a durable FRP surface allowing maximum protection. It has proven to be virtually indestructible, durable enough to wash 10,000 times and resist most stains and chemical attacks. Enviro-San gives you the opportunity to maximize your protection with our Step-Up Series.

The 1000 Series begins with an 1/8” thick FRP surface, laminated to a high density gypsum core, creating a surface that won’t stain, warp, or buckle.

Recommended uses:
Hospitals, Food Processing, Wet Areas, Dietary Kitchens, Restrooms

The 2000 Series adds a layer of vinyl to the back to maintain a barrier between the plenum and the gypsum core, which repels moisture and condensation.

Recommended uses:
Includes all from 1000 Series, Variable Climatic Areas, Locker Rooms

The 3000 Series adds our patented Enviro-Cap™ which attaches to the edges of the panel, giving you added protection against contamination and the emitting of fibrous material, Enviro-Cap™ also protects against damage to the edges.

Recommended uses:
Includes all from 2000 Series, Chemical Storage, Acid Wash Areas, Laundry, Computer Rooms, Dishwashing Areas, Saunas

4000 Series integrates a neoprene gasket to our patented Enviro-Cap™ to bring you a totally sealed ceiling system. The 4000 Series sets the standard for maximum protection a ceiling system can add to a sterile environment.

Recommended uses:
Includes all from 3000 Series, Clean Rooms, Sterile Packaging, Animal Labs, Pharmaceuticals, Operating Rooms, Laboratories