Vinyl-San Ceiling Tile

A common practice in clean room construction is to use adhesive to airtight the tile to the grid. This drives construction cost up and limits the access use of the ceiling tile to one plenum invasion. In other words any HVAC, remodel, or wiring work results in new tile.

Enviro-San took something old and added something new to create a wide variety of options for your sanitary ceiling. And with our Step-Up Series you have the choice to select the level of protection required for your sanitary ceiling. Enviro-San meets the approval of USDA requirements for food preparation areas.

The 1000 Series starts with an un-perforated vinyl face, laminated to a high density gypsum core which has proven itself dependable over the years.

Recommended uses:
Exterior soffits, Rest rooms, Dry storage, Kitchens, Gymnasiums

Our 2000 series adds a layer of vinyl to the back to maintain a barrier between the plenum and the gypsum core which repels moisture and condensation.

Recommended uses:
Includes all from 1000 Series, Variable Climatic Areas, Locker Rooms

The 3000 Series adds our patented Enviro-Cap™ which attaches to the edges of the panel, giving you added protection against contamination and the emitting of fibrous material. Enviro-Cap™ also protects against damage to the edges.

Recommended uses:
Includes all from 2000 Series, Kennels, Computer Rooms, Laundry, Dishwashing Areas

4000 Series integrates a neoprene gasket to our patented Enviro-Cap™ to bring you a totally sealed ceiling system. The 4000 Series sets the standard for maximum protection a ceiling system can add to a sterile environment.

Recommended uses:
Includes all from 3000 Series, Clean Rooms, Animal Labs, Pharmaceuticals, Sterile Packaging, Hospitals, Laboratories